Photo studio rental is a fantastic opportunity for all photographers. This service is truly an ideal choice if you want to work in a professional and inspiring environment where your creativity can unfold freely.

My photo studio is a place where your ideas becomes reality. Whatever your goal, be it portrait photography, product photography or even fashion photography, I have everything you need to make your pictures flawless. The equipment of the studio is modern and of high quality, which supports you to achieve the best result.

Good Vibes Photostudio is located in downtown Szeged, in an easily accessible location. The style of the studio is sophisticated and clean, I can provide several types of equipment.

Regardless of whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, my photo studio is at your disposal.

If you want to learn more about me or book an appointment to rent the photo studio, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Benefits of renting a photo studio

  • There are no fix costs

Maintaining your own photo studio has serious financial costs. It means fixed monthly expenses that you have to pay even if you don’t actively use the studio. However, the situation is different when you are renting a furnished photo studio. You only have to pay if you actually use the studio.

  • Flexible choice

There is no need to permanently commit yourself to a photo studio of a certain size or equipment. The photo studio for rent allows you to choose a studio of a different size, style and equipment for each photo shoot. The same applies to location. You don’t always have to stick to the same place, you can choose a studio that is the most suitable for the photography.

  • No investment

Renting the photo studio includes the use of technical equipment. So you don’t have to buy your own tools and accessories when taking photos. This saves you not only money, but also time and expertise, which are also necessary for choosing the right equipment.

Important information about renting the Good Vibes photo studio in Szeged

Studio rental fee: 

  • 1 hour: 8000 Ft
  • 2 or more hours: 7000 Ft
  • Additional fees (HSS Photoflash system): + 4000 Ft/session (2 peaces of Godox AD600)
  • Paper backgrounds (272 cm) in case of being worn out: 3500 Ft/m

Rental fee includes numerous photoflashes and led lights.

According to my experiences, photographers like to have a conversation with me in advance of renting the studio to collate the lights-flashes and accessories. The possibility is given to do so.

Studio rules and cleanness

Maintaining the order and cleanliness of the photo studio is extremely important to ensure a smooth and productive working environment. Thats why you must wear a clean changing shoe or be barefoot when you visiting the studio.

exact observance of the reservation time

When renting the photo studio, it is important to keep the reservation time and arrive exactly at the agreed time.