Maternity photography

On the way to motherhood, pregnancy is a special and wonderful time. In maternity photography, I try to capture this period and create the most beautiful memories that you will always look back on happily.

One of the most popular options during maternity photography is maternity photography for couples. This is a special occasion when I try to reflect the happiness and excitement of the expectant mother and father with the help of pictures. Thanks to the couple’s maternity photography, you can capture the moments when you are waiting together for the arrival of the little family member.

During maternity photography, I put great a emphasis on naturalness and comfort. I want the expectant mother to be able to enjoy every moment of the photo shoot. I choose the location of the photo shoot and the clothes in such a way that they are in harmony with the individual style of the expectant mother. Whether it’s a romantic park, a colorful flower field or the interior of my studio, I always take pictures that are personal and memorable.

I believe that a woman is feminine and beautiful even when she’s pregnant, and that’s exactly what I want to show with my pictures.

Come to me and let me capture this magical time for you! Choose maternity photography in Szeged!

Important information about maternity photography

When should i go for maternity photography?

Pregnancy photography is usually done between the 29th and 34th week of pregnancy, when your belly is already nicely rounded. This period is ideal for capturing the wonderful moments of your pregnancy. However, I am flexible, and if you want to take photos at a different time, we will find the best time for you.

However, it is important to note that after the 36th week, it is no longer recommended to time the photography. During this period, labor can start at any time, and you may no longer have the desire or energy to leave the house.

Where should maternity photos be taken?

Regardless of the season, there are many beautiful outdoor locations for stunning maternity photos, weather permitting. In the period from spring to autumn, magical pictures can be taken in various parks, gardens or lake shores. In the period before sunset, natural lights usually create the most beautiful atmosphere.

Of course, if you prefer an indoor location in terms of cold weather or comfort, my photo studio in Szeged is at your disposal, where we can take intimate and special pictures. In the studio, it is also possible to change clothes several times, so we can take pictures in different styles.

What should i bring to a maternity photo shoot?

Feel free to bring everything you want to appear in the pictures. I want the maternity photoshoot to reflect your personality and style, so it’s important to wear clothes that harmonize with your partner’s or older children’s outfits, and suit the atmosphere of the location. I will be happy to help you choose clothes.