The Good Vibes Photostudio Szeged was opened in 2020 then in 2021 we moved to a new space within the building.

Our main goal was to set up a new studio to fulfill the variable demands according to different styles – this is why we provide a wide range of accessories and offer possibilities to change the decoration.

Thanks to the North west building siting and the huge windows, our room has great qualities for those who prefer natural lights. Our studio has a headroom over three meters and a spacious balcony, too.

In my 56 square meter big place I am looking forward to seeing everyone who either would like to have a photo shoot or wants to hire the studio.

The studio is ideal for fashion-, wedding-, portrait-, couple-, family-, or children shooting.

About me

My name is János Budai and I am the photographer of the Good Vibes Photosudio Szeged. Taking pictures has been my life since 2010. Starting as a creative hobby it became my profession and it also helped me during my foreign journeys.

During my career in Spain my pictures were mainly characterized by the coastal and natural environment. Numerous pictures were taken with families, children and couples in the most friendly and joyful manner.

I have felt I needed to pursue this career to a higher standard so I constantly train and qualify myself.

Right now I am available at the Studio located in Szeged to immortalize the memorable moments of your life. If you rather prefer outdoor shooting I can help to make that happen, too.