Outdoor photo shooting

If you are close to the close-to-nature, intimate and freedom-radiating pictorial world, and you like deep, yet harmonious colors, then I look forward to welcoming you. I mainly do my work in and around Szeged when it comes to outdoor, lifestyle photography. I am also open to individual ideas. There are so many breathtaking themes and locations floating around in my head, they just need a bit of adventure and entrepreneurial spirit!

I am happy to achieve your individual photo series, whether it is fashion photography, couple photography or even family photography.

Of course, we cannot only think in nature. If your style dictates it, in the case of fashion photography, it is better to choose the city, which can provide an exciting background for the pictures.

If you want to take part in a creative and enjoyable photo shoot where nature or the city inspires you, book an appointment! I look forward to the opportunity to capture your unique story in the form of pictures.


why choose outdoor photo shooting?

  • Natural lights: Outdoor environments have a lot of natural lights, which creates ideal conditions for photography. The sun’s rays, shadows and the play of light which experienced outdoors can result unique and amazing images.
  • Various backgrounds: There are many different locations in nature or urban environments that serve as colorful and interesting backgrounds for photos. A park, flower field, lakeside or even city streets offer countless opportunities to express your individuality.
  • Natural look: In an outdoor environment, images looks much more natural. In a relaxed environment, people can easily loosen up and show their true selves, which resulting captivating, authentic moments.
  • Free movement: Outdoor photography offers more opportunities for free movement and spontaneity. Couples or families can walk, play or even jump, which can add momentum and dynamism to the images.
  • Change of seasons: Outdoor photography gives you the opportunity to show the change of seasons in your pictures. Spring flowers, summer green plants, autumn colors or even a snow-covered winter landscape provide a magical background for capturing memorable moments.
  • Creativity and uniqueness: We can become more creative when taking photos in the outdoor environment. Unique elements found in nature or in the city, such as trees, buildings, bridges or watersides, provide the opportunity to create unique compositions and pictorial solutions.
  • Fresh air and good atmosphere: You can enjoy the fresh air and good atmosphere during outdoor photography. During walks in nature or in the city, laughing and doing common activities, you can create memories and moments that you will never forget with the help of pictures.