Wedding photography

During wedding photography, we capture one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your life. It’s an adventure where we work together to create the perfect memories of your dream wedding.

I try to record every little details of love, happiness and excitement carefully, so that the emotions and experiences stay with you for a lifetime. Wedding photography is not just a simple task for me. I try to tell the story of the Big Day without interfering with the actual course of events.

I listen to your expectations and needs with a personalized approach and attention to ensure that the photos perfectly reflect your personality and the unique style of your wedding. I capture every moment, every smile and tear, so that you can preserve the magic of your wedding forever.

For me, wedding photography is not only a service, but also an unforgettable experience. I create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere so that photography is pleasant and fun for everyone.

If you want the memories of your wedding to remain forever and to delight yourself and your loved ones with unique, amazing photos, then choose my wedding photography service! I will help make the story of your wedding an eternal treasure that you can proudly share with your children and future generations.

The events of the wedding that I will definitely capture

Engagement photography

Engagement photography is a magical experience that can take place a few months or even a year before the wedding. This is a special occasion to capture your happiness and love in unique pictures. We walk and talk together, get to know each other, and in the meantime we take memorable engagement photos, which capture the special relationship between you. At this photo shoot, be yourself, bring your favorite clothes and have fun.

Creative wedding photography

I like to capture real, honest laughter and natural moments in creative photography. When we work together, it is important to choose a location where you fell good and a style what you really like. If your wedding photography will take place in Szeged, I can also recommend wonderful locations.

Taking all the pictures on the wedding day is not a condition for photography. It is also possible to schedule the wedding creative photography for another day, or even to complete the photo series after the wedding. The point is to take memorable and special pictures that will always recall the emotions, happiness and excitement experienced at your wedding.

Getting ready

At weddings, I usually start the photography from the preparations, when the make-up and hair are ready. That’s when I turn on the camera and capture the special moments, such as the bridal makeup, the beautiful dress, the jewelry, the bouquet, and the most beautiful moments of getting ready for both the bride and the groom. After that, the arrival of the guests comes into focus, which I am also happy to photograph.


In church and civil ceremonies, I mostly work from the background, so that I can take pictures that are as natural and lifelike as possible. And after the ceremony, I take pictures of the congratulations, the guests, the bouquet throwing and, of course, lots of fun moments that capture your smiles and happiness.


The real party comes after the dinner: the dance, the cake, the wedding dance, the bridesmaid dance and capturing the moments of the entire party. Usually I take photos until 1 in the morning to really record every important moment. This way, it is guaranteed that the joy you experienced on the dance floor, the partying guests and all the fun moments will be preserved and can be recalled through the pictures.