The doors of Good Vibes Photostudio Szeged were opened in 2020. Our primary goal was to furnish the 40 square meter space so that anyone could find such an environment that suits their style – which is why we can offer our guests a lot of accessories and decoration options.
The studio is the perfect choice for portrait, couple, family or child photography.
Our photo studio also offers studio rental and studio photography.

 About me

I am János Budai, the photographer of Good Vibes Photostudio. Photography has been a part of my life since 2010. This creative hobby slowly developed into a profession and also accompanied me during my years abroad.

During my years in Spain, my work was mostly characterized by seaside as well as nature photography. I could easily connect with so many families, small children and couples, which resulted in a carefree vibe during the photoshoots.

I was also introduced to the world of studio photography in England, which opened a lot of new doors for me. I felt that I needed to master the technical knacks of photography at an even higher level, which is why I further trained myself at home.

I am currently waiting to meet you in our photo studio in Szeged to turn the moments that are important to you into an eternal memory.